Project financed with European funds

Laboratory for Electrochemistry and Surface Engineering based on plasma electrolysis techniques

Code 2014+: SMIS 123896


Project Implementation: July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2022


Call code: POC / 62/1/3 / Stimulating the demand of enterprises for innovation through RDI projects carried out by enterprises individually or in partnership with R&D institutes and universities, in order to innovate processes and products in economic sectors with growth potential

Project type: Innovative start-up and spin-off enterprises

Project Start: July 1, 2020

The general objective of the project

The objective of the project is the development of industrial applications of surface engineering techniques based on electrolytic plasma treatments. The objective of the project will be achieved by developing a Laboratory for Electrochemistry and Surface Engineering ELIS with two components:

- Pilot plant "ELSSALAB" with facilities for complex treatments in electrolysis plasma;

- SIELIS Information System, which has two functions:
     a) establishes and controls the flow of information between ELSA Laboratory SRL and the identified beneficiaries, interested in electrolysis plasma treatments;

     b) controls the flow of experimental data obtained with the pilot ELSSALAB installation, through the included computer system.

Through the proposed objective and the proposed approach to achieve the objective, the project will contribute to the achievement of the objective of the Call for projects POC-A.1-A.1.2.1-C.

The specific objectives of the project

1. Development of a Laboratory for Electrochemistry and Surface Engineering based on plasma electrolysis techniques composed of:

-Pilot installation „ELSSALAB” for treatments by plasma electrolysis techniques in various polarization regimes, with facilities for pre-treatments and duplex treatments;

-SI-ELIS Information System for:
     - processing the flow of information from the identified beneficiaries; 

     - processing the experimental data obtained;

2. Development of treatment methods by plasma electrolysis techniques (PEO - plasma electrolytic oxidation, PES - plasma electrolytic saturation, EPP-electrolytic plasma processing) on materials of interest - steels, Zr alloys, Ti alloys to improve the properties of these materials (corrosion behavior, microhardness, tribological properties);

3. Development, at the level of laboratory demonstration, of the applications of plasma electrolysis treatments in the field of materials for the nuclear industry and for the automotive industry;

4. Developing a link and synergies with partners from competitiveness sectors with growth potential:
- Automotive industry and components (Competitive dynamics)

- Energy and environmental management (Innovation, technological development and added value); we are considering the nuclear field. 

This connection and synergy with partners interested in the applications of plasma electrolysis techniques will allow the transition from laboratory demonstration to industrial applications.